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6 Genius Gifts for Kayakers and Canoeists

April 21 2022

When you want to give someone a gift, generally you want it to be something useful – something that person can really use and not just be another item that gets thrown in the closet to be donated at the next spring cleaning.  It’s often difficult to know what kinds of gifts for kayakers would really be welcomed and useful.  There’s not a lot of extra storage room in a kayak or canoe so you want your gift to count.  Below are a few ideas that can get you thinking.


One of the first gifts for kayakers to consider is a bag that can safely store provisions and necessities, while keeping them dry, too.  The Ursack Major XL Bear Bag is lightweight and tearproof.  It’s also bulletproof, and the only bag certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, which means it is also bear-proof if they’re going canoe camping.  It will hold a substantial amount of dehydrated food, along with other items.  Consider gifting two or three of these bags.


For canoe gifts or gifts for kayakers, an extra-large gravity filter system can provide 10 liters of clean water in a reservoir very quickly.  Due to its size, that can mean fewer trips back and forth to the river when you are camping.  It is lightweight, packs easily, and can serve a variety of uses.


Another great option for canoe gifts is a customized paddle.  The Orr family, famously known for crafting wooden canoe paddles by hand, has a new Edisto “S-blade” that was designed especially for quiet movement in the water.  The natural wood beauty of the paddle, which brings artistic quality to it, also delivers solid performance and balance.


Oh, yeah … everyone needs one of these.  The Aqua Case is a waterproof container to hold cell phones that will also float in case it happens to disappear overboard during your journey.  When you purchase gifts for kayakers, this should definitely be on your list of top five handy little items to have.  It’s protection for your cell phone so you’ll never have to worry about taking it with you again.


Take dramatic photos and videos to chronicle your journey with a waterproof camera.  The GoPro HERO9 action camera has front and rear touchscreens, live streaming capability, and a webcam.  This would make a great gift for a canoer or a kayaker.


Under great gifts for kayakers should be this hybrid kayak, an inflatable kayak with a folding frame.  It is composed of three layers of durable materials and offers many high-quality elements.  This hybrid version is compact and easily sets up in a matter of minutes.

Whether you are looking for gifts for kayakers or canoe gifts for the avid water sports enthusiast on your list, many choices are available when giving some serious thought to what can be useful on their next adventure.


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