holiday gift guide for boaters

Holiday Gift Guide for Water Sport Enthusiasts

November 29 2022

The holiday season allows friends and family members to appreciate each other through thoughtful gifts and presents. Being thoughtful means putting more thought into what people would want but not necessarily get themselves, rather than giving just the first thing that comes to mind. This water sports gift guide offers some exciting holiday gift ideas for boaters of all kinds, whether amateurs or professionals.

Ideal gifts allow people to participate in their hobbies while making life easier and enjoyable. For water sports enthusiasts, getting certain items as gifts is the best way to appreciate their friendship.

Your Reliable Water Sports Gift Guide

1. Floating Dock

This is a large gift, but one that will benefit the whole family if you own waterfront property! Get your special someone (and yourself) a floating dock. It is one of the best holiday gift ideas for boaters who currently pack their vessels at the marina. 

2. Kayak

Gifting a loved one a kayak can be the perfect excuse for them to get out on the water while getting some exercise. If you’re a boating family, then it’s nice to cut the power every once in a while and see the water from a more intimate point of view. 

3. Soft Top Surfboard

Live near a surf break? Has that person been talking about trying to surf forever and just never done it? For a great time on the beach, a soft-top surfboard is a great way to get started. If you’re gifting a board to a beginner, a soft-top surfboard is the way to go as it is easier to ride and won’t cause unnecessary injuries. As the surfer gets better, they can upgrade to a traditional longboard, or a shortboard.

4. Paddleboard with a Speaker

Paddleboarding has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. If you live near calm water, then paddleboarding is a great way to get out, get some exercise, and see some wildlife. In these cases, getting an attachable waterproof speaker is a great way to enhance the experience. And if you live near some waves, then leave the speaker out, and opt for a paddleboard that’s meant to ride waves.

5. Wetsuit

Is your loved one looking at doing some snorkeling, scuba, or surfing this winter? (In winter, the water is clearer, the waves are usually better, and different species of fish are in your area) Then get them a wetsuit. It is not only the best protection against cold water, but depending on the activity, and the kind of wetsuit, it can also have many other uses. Your loved one will always be ready to go out and get in the water even in cooler temperatures.


With the water sports gift guide above, you should be able to have a starting point for the right gift for your loved ones. Whether it is a floating dock, kayak, soft-top surfboard, paddleboard, or wetsuit, make sure it is one of the best holiday gift ideas for boaters. Contact us through our page for more information.

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