How Do You Determine the Right Dock Size for your Boat

How Do You Determine the Right Dock Size for your Boat?

February 14 2022

Do you know how to figure the boat dock size you need or how to determine boat slip size?  According to the experts, you should have a dock line that is 1/8-inch in diameter for every 9 feet of your boat’s length, with a minimum of 3/8-inch diameter.  If you have a 20-foot boat, you should use lines that are 3/8-inches, whereas a 40-foot boat would need a 5/8-inch line. One-half inch in size works for up to 36 feet of boat, and ¾-inch is good for up to 54 feet of boat. Most boaters prefer a larger line because it is easier to grip.


Nylon rope is the dock line of choice, in one of three weaves: braided, three-strand, and double-braided.  What are the differences between the three weaves?

Braided nylon is strong, it looks good, and it’s easy for your hands to work with.

Three-strand nylon is less expensive, has great stretching ability, is abrasion-resistant, and is easier to splice.

Double-braided nylon is the strongest of the three weaves, is also easy for your hands to work with, is abrasion-resistant, and has a good aesthetic appearance.


Determining the boat dock size is really specific to your needs.  What is the primary purpose of your boat dock?  Is it simply to moor your boat, or will it also be an entertainment area for friends and family to gather?

You will also need to consider the shoreline along where your boat will be docked.  You will need to make sure your boat dock size plans are agreeable with the natural area surrounding it.

As well, you will need to know about any municipal or local laws that may need to be addressed while you determine boat slip size.


Next, you will need to decide on a configuration layout for your boat dock size.  Typical layout designs include a straight dock, a T-dock, a U-dock, or an L-dock shape.  With AccuDock, when you choose a floating dock design, you are able to customize the shape to fit your needs.  Literally, your final dock shape and size are only limited by your imagination and the amount of space you have to work with.  


How do you determine boat slip size?  Don’t assume if you have a 21-foot boat that you will need a 21-foot slip.  That’s not quite the way it works.  You also need to factor in the extra space you will need to “maneuver” or steer the boat to get it properly docked.  You also need to have the proper amount of space within the boat slip itself.  You probably want at least a couple more feet of space than your boat is long to allow for a safety area and also possible light storage of items, such as a swimming ladder or jet ski.

When you are looking for answers, call AccuDock at 1-954-785-7557.  They are experts at helping plan for the best dock to meet your needs.  They also offer dock packages.  Get a free estimate today.

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