Floating Fishing Pier

How Do You Support a Floating Fishing Pier?

August 09 2021

To support a floating fishing pier, you need a strong anchor system and buoyant yet strong float devices securely fastened underneath.  These tough, sealed float devices need to be able to rise and fall safely and securely with the ebb and flow of the surrounding water.  There will always be movement on a lake or body of water due to winds and other natural elements, as well as waves caused by boats or jet skis going by.  A floating fishing pier uses fixed pilings below, which allow the structure to remain stable against the rise and fall of the water level.

The Rise and Fall of a Floating Fishing Pier

As stated above, a floating deck pier will rise and fall with the water level and as the tide goes in and out.  The pier itself will always be the same height in relation to your watercraft, and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about dock lines becoming too tight.  Unlike a fixed pier, it will never become submerged or tower over your head.  The secure pilings allow the floating deck pier to slide up and down easily with the rise and fall of the waves or water level.  A floating fishing pier is much more convenient to use, gives you easy access to the water, and fishing will be more of a pleasure, too!

ADA-Compliant Piers and Docks

For camps or parks, having structures that are ADA-compliant is a must.  You want the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer to be available to all people so that everyone can enjoy the accommodations and amenities offered.  For a floating fishing pier to be handicap-accessible, they need to have a low sloping ramp entrance, slip-resistant surfaces, ADA-compatible handrails, and adequate room for wheelchairs to move about and turn directions.  AccuDock has a full line of designs for docks that can make any chosen dock or pier ADA-compliant.

AccuDock manufactures products with the highest quality in mind, with a focus on performance, durability, strength, and optimal design.  Every product they deliver is geared toward versatility, safety, attractiveness, and minimal maintenance required.  Contact AccuDock today at 1.954.785.7557 or visit them online and get ready for improvements to your next fishing expedition!  Kids and adults alike will love the new floating fishing pier!

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