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How Industrial Docks and Floating Pump Platforms Improve Pumping Efficiency

June 28 2023

The purpose of this post is to explore how industrial docks and floating pump platforms can increase pumping efficiency in various industrial settings like water treatment, gas, oil, and mining. The post will also highlight the key advantages of using floating platforms in such settings.

Industrial Docks and Floating Pump Platforms

Floating platforms like industrial docks can be used to improve the accessibility of pumping stations. Pumping stations require docks and access bridges, especially if there are many pumps. In remote areas, a heavy-duty floating platform is necessary, especially if the industrial plant uses high-capacity pumps. 

The floating docks used in industrial settings are dependent on water and work applications. When deep water production and drilling are necessary, semi-submersible platforms are ideal. In harsh environments with cool temperatures, you should use spar platforms.

Benefits of Using Industrial Docks and Floating Pump Platforms 

Below are some of the advantages of the application of floating platforms in industrial settings.

Better Accessibility for Repairs and Maintenance

In places where access is difficult, floating industrial pump platforms improve the ease of accessibility for maintenance, construction, and repairs. Municipalities can use floating docks to make the process safe for those involved in carrying out maintenance, and this means that downtime due to repairs and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Improved Mobility 

One key advantage of a floating platform is the ease of movement. You can move a floating pump station at ease if you need to shift to another location.

Saves Money and Time

Before the invention of floating docks, many marine projects were done on dry land, and the whole structure was towed using a ship. Today, floating docks have significantly reduced transportation costs and project completion times because the construction is completed on water. 

Improved Efficiency 

Floating platforms can rise or fall depending on the water level, and this means that operations take place consistently.

How AccuDock Can Help

AccuDock provides different types of floating industrial platforms that are tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide businesses and municipalities with durable, versatile, strong, and flexible industrial pump platforms that meet their needs.

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