Floating Pump Stations 

How Industrial Floating Pump Stations Improve Water Management

Traditional water management systems come with several challenges that make them difficult to use in many situations, but choosing industrial floating pump stations can be a much more effective solution. Here is an overview of what industrial floating pump platforms are, industries they can be a good fit for, and several benefits of choosing this option to mitigate problems you may experience with an alternative water management system!

What is an Industrial Floating Pump Station? 

An industrial floating pump station is a more efficient and easier-to-use alternative to more traditional water management options that is generally easier to access and adjust. This option is often a good fit for irrigation, cooling water, wastewater, manufacturing, supply water, golf courses, mining, and a wide range of other uses that require consistent access to a high volume of water. 

Industries Floating Pump Stations Work Well For

A floating pump station can be an ideal alternative to a more traditional water management system in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, mining, and water treatment. These industries and other areas that manage a high volume of water often find that alternatives to floating pump stations are not efficient or consistent enough to effectively meet their needs without running into problems that can lead to water issues for a significant number of people. 

Mitigate Water Management Challenges with Floating Pump Stations  

Industries that benefit the most from floating pump stations often find that other options are more difficult to safely and efficiently manage. Other types of large pumps can present significant safety challenges for employees, and the variety of custom configuration options floating pump stations come with gives you the ability to create the safest setup possible for your unique situation. 

The durability and water resistance of this type of water management system will give you a much stronger ROI by lasting longer and reducing the number of repairs you need to make over another option. They are also easier to install and access than most other options, which means that setting them up and locating and solving problems that do occur can often happen much more quickly than they would with a more traditional water management solution. 

At AccuDock, we are here to help you choose the best water management system for your industry. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of choosing an industrial floating pump station or to get started!

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