Floating Fishing Pier with a gazebo that is over a lake

How to Choose a Floating Swim Platform

October 19 2021

For campers or for those just wanting to enjoy a park’s recreational amenities for a day, floating swim platforms for lakes make the water more easily accessible. Lake swim platforms provide versatility for more fun! You can jump in the water to swim or play, or you can fish from floating swim platforms for lakes, or you can rest and sunbathe – your choice! Or do all three! A lake swim platform gives you the flexibility to enjoy the sun and water in all kinds of ways.

Materials for a Lake Swim Platform


You can choose your type of lake swim platform by the materials with which it is crafted. Floating swim platforms for lakes should have a slip-resistant surface to help ensure no campers or park enthusiasts accidentally fall.

Aluminum is light in weight and easy to handle. You should consider buying accessories for your aluminum platform, like bumpers, to help ensure no sharp edges can hurt patrons. There is also PVC decking that can be added to your special aluminum design that repels heat so that it won’t be too hot on bare feet.


The wood used to construct some floating swim platforms for lakes has typically been chemically treated or pressure-treated to keep wood from warping or rotting since it will spend a lot of time in the water. A few negatives to using an all-wood platform include the fact that wood can succumb to more wear and tear from repeated use in water; splinters are likely to grab onto a finger or toe, and the surface will tend to retain more heat.


Plastic is often used for lake swim platforms (polyethylene to be specific) because the material is naturally buoyant and resistant to splinters, warping, fading from UV rays, rot, and it does not retain heat. Very little maintenance is needed for polyethylene platforms.

Durable Enough to Last a Good, Long Time

As a Camp Director, you want to get the best product for the money spent. You want a high-quality and durably made lake swim platform for your campers to enjoy. You also want it to be safe and versatile. A floating swim platform for lakes should be made of the best materials available, with little to no maintenance needed to keep it in tip-top shape, and built-in flexibility to have the opportunity for change as needed.


AccuDock has a superior reputation for building quality floating swim platforms for lakes that are not only flexible in shapes and configurations but also are safe for campers and patrons. With a few little additions, they can be ADA-compliant, too, so that all persons can enjoy what lakes and nature have to offer. Call today at 1.954.785.7557.

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