workers standing on a floating scaffolding platform repairing the side of a yacht

How to Choose the Right Floating Scaffolding Platform for Off-the-Water Projects

Projects that take place on the water present a special set of challenges for marine engineers. The difficulties and challenges inherent to water-based construction can be tackled through the use of a custom-made, floating scaffolding platform affixed to your floating dock or other infrastructure. 

Today we’re going to explore the world of off-the-water scaffolding platforms with an eye on choosing the design that’s right for your particular application. Below are key aspects you should keep in mind when requesting your own custom-made, scaffold platform off the water. 

Weight Capacity 

First and foremost, the platform has to be able to support not only your weight, but the weight of any tools or equipment necessary for your application. Make sure to choose a scaffolding that is the proper size, with the proper stability necessary to support you and your crew as you work. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your project with improper weight capacity


Projects which occur out on the water are more susceptible to wear and tear brought on by the elements. Depending on the region in which you operate, your platforms and scaffolding may be exposed to both corrosion and oxidation, as well as the fricative damage brought on by wind and water. In order to counteract nature’s wrath, you need a scaffolding platform off the water with a high level of durability. Make sure to account for any environmental hazards that may arise when designing your own bespoke floating scaffolding platform.

Customization Options 

No two jobs are alike, especially when it comes to water-based work. In order to ensure that you complete your project on time (and on budget), your workspace needs to be adaptable. The best products are those that are highly adaptable to your purpose, like a floating scaffolding platform. 

When working with an engineer to design your on-the-water scaffolding, make sure to include the right blend of elements such as:

  • Toe boards 
  • Fall protection
  • Qualified anchoring points 
  • Lifting rings 
  • Locking mechanisms 
  • Guard rails

Project Efficiency 

Before you have your scaffolding formally fabricated, ask yourself, “Does its design promote quick and efficient workflows?” If you’ve taken the time to consider all the angles listed above, then you will have custom-built scaffolding made to suit your exact range of applications. Still, it’s useful to do one final assessment with the goal of adding any further optimizations to your design. 

Custom-built, Scaffold Platform off the Water for Any Job 

Working on a project over the water can be a challenging endeavor. It requires the precise equipment and infrastructure suited to the job at hand. Have a scaffolding design in mind? Let the AccuDock team help. Please contact us today to set up a consultation. 

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