Floating dock use ideas

How to Get the Best Use of Your Floating Dock

June 13 2022

Many boat owners would love to have a floating dock, but most don’t know all of the benefits that come with a floating dock. Often, floating docks aren’t utilized to their full potential. So, we’ve compiled a list of our best floating dock use ideas. Today, most floating docks are modular, meaning that they can easily be constructed from small portable units that can be made into any shape or size or whatever customized proposal the owner desires. Because of their modular nature, the pieces are lightweight and can be transported to any location. This means you are free to add a new floating dock to your new home or alter the shape of your existing dock. Floating docks made from modular pieces offer many advantages over fixed platforms. They can be used for many functions, including swimming, rowing and paddle sports, and many other leisure activities.

While a floating dock is not as stable as a fixed dock in terms of balance, it still offers several benefits beyond just getting in and out of your boat. If you have a floating dock, here are some floating dock use ideas:

  1. Reposition: One of the biggest advantages of a floating dock is that it can be repositioned or even removed. For example, if there is a forecast of bad weather, hurricane, or flooding, then the floating dock can be easily removed. It is not that easy with a fixed dock that has to be physically dismantled or moved. The ability to move a floating dock provides more options on how you can use the dock. 
  2. Swimming: A floating swim dock or swim platform can provide a stable surface from which to enjoy a better swim.  They’re perfect for catching some sun after a swim or for your kids to leap from.
  3. Rowing docks: Our rowing docks aren’t just for clubs. You can have a rowing dock in your own backyard that can also be used to sit back and relax when you aren’t heading out on the water.
  4. Leisure/Entertainment: Floating docks can be utilized for a variety of activities, including family get-togethers, picnics, listening to music, relaxation, or all of those put together.  If you can think of a use, you can find the answer to the question: How to use my floating dock?
  5. Fishing: If the floating dock is anchored out further in a lake or some distance away from the shore, it can also be used for fishing those spots that would normally be out of casting range from shore.
  6. Extended walkway: Another one of the many floating dock use ideas is to use it as a floating walkway to your boat slip. For example, if the waters are rough and choppy, it helps to have a floating walkway to enter your boat.
  7. Create safer access to your boat: One of the benefits of floating docks is that they adapt to the water levels and conditions. When the tides fall and rise, the floating dock will remain level with your boat. Whereas with a fixed dock, if the water level drops too far below, it may make it very difficult for the boater to get inside the boat. Because a floating dock self-adjusts to the level of water, it provides safe and reliable access to your boat and other watercraft like a jet ski, kayak, or canoe.
  8. Expansion made easy: Most boaters forget that a floating dock can be expanded. For example, if you buy a second boat, then you can easily expand your dock to accommodate the second vessel. The other benefit of expanding a floating dock is that it does not obstruct any views of the coastline or sea or access to the beach area.
  9. Non-slip: In the past, some people did not use their floating dock on wet or rainy days because the surface was slippery. Well today, there are modules that come with a non-slip surface made from durable polyethylene. This non-slip surface ensures that you will not slip or fall while walking on the dock. The other benefit of the durable polyethylene non-slip surface is that it requires very little maintenance.
  10. Launch: A floating dock is also a great place to launch your kayak or canoe from. 


How to use my floating dock? If you decide to buy a floating dock, use the right material to ensure that it will last a long time. If you are not sure between a floating dock and a fixed dock, speak to an AccuDock Dock Specialist for more information. Call us today at 954-785-7557.

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