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How to Launch a Kayak from a Ramp?

Your campers are all ready to go; they are all set for their kayak adventure.  Launching a kayak from a ramp is different than launching from a dock.  What do you need to know about how to launch from a kayak dock ramp to keep everyone safe and get the fun started as soon as possible?  Here are a few tips.

Launch Point

With a gradually sloping ramp, launching from a kayak dock ramp can be a fairly simple and straightforward matter.  The cockpit of the kayak should be pointed toward the lake so that all you need to do is get in, get seated, and start paddling.

Position Yourself

Stand to one side of the kayak and hold the paddle behind you, grasping it with both hands.  Gently lean down and rest the handle of the paddle atop the back seat.  Steady yourself by holding on to the back seat while still holding the paddle.  Hold one side of the paddle on the dock.  You can sit on the paddle to help balance as you get ready to climb into the kayak.

Keep Your Balance

Keeping your weight balanced as you begin to enter the kayak is very important.  You must center yourself as best you can and enter with feet first.  Secure both feet against the footpegs and then gently lower the rest of your body down into the kayak.

Spray Skirt

Rest yourself against the seatback and attach the spray skirt.  A spray skirt forms a tight fit around the kayak’s opening to help keep water out of the kayak.

Start Paddling

To get your kayak off the ramp, grip the paddle with one hand, make a fist with your other hand, and alternate the paddle and your fist to propel the kayak forward.  Once clear of the ramp, paddle normally.

Launching From a Kayak Dock Ramp

If you are launching from a kayak dock ramp, put the paddle inside the deck line.  In this instance, you should have room to straddle the kayak by standing with one foot on either side of it, and that can help you balance better.

Grab both sides of the kayak with your hands and lower yourself gently into the cockpit.  Place your feet against the footpegs and then attach your spray skirt.  Remove your paddle from the deck line and begin paddling with fast, swift strokes out into the water.

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