How Do You Stabilize a Floating Dock?

August 31 2020

Attaching your floating dock to shore is one of the most important things you can do to care for your dock and preserve its longevity. It also makes your dock safer and easier to use. A floating dock kit is a system to stabilize a floating dock. It will allow you to achieve maximum stability, safety, convenience, and durability. Without a proper floating dock kit, floating docks are susceptible to wind, currents, debris, fluctuations in water levels, and storms.

What is the most common way to stabilize a floating dock?

There are many kinds of pilings used to stabilize a floating dock. Pilings are anchor poles that are pounded into the seafloor.

To choose the right kit, consider the following: water depth, water fluctuation, weather, waves, currents, local climate, local regulations, dock users, and your dock’s configuration.

What if it’s not possible to use a float dock anchor pole?

If your floating dock runs parallel to the shoreline and rests in an area where the water level fluctuates dramatically, you can use a floating dock stiff arm (also known as a control arm). The stiff arm provides optimal stabilization. It also gives you an easier, more convenient option than driving pilings into the lake bottom, seafloor, or riverbed.

What if my dock needs to be set far away from shore?

When a dock needs to be set away from the shore to reach a specific desired water depth, gangways and ramps are the ideal solutions for stabilization. Gangways and ramps allow the docks to move freely vertically, but they must connect to a fixed abutment.

What if my dock is used in an area with corrugated and/or graduated seawalls?

The upper and lower bracket method is best for corrugated and graduated seawalls. This method attaches the dock to the seawall using several PVC pipes.

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