How Low Is a Low Profile Rowing Dock?

November 20 2019

What’s the hardest part of rowing? The demand on your shoulders, lats, triceps, and biceps? The burn in your back, glutes, and quads? The intense concentration it requires? The push to go faster, farther, and harder? Nope. For a lot of us, it’s entering and exiting the shell! Rowing shells are designed to sit low on the water, and average docks make it a hassle to get yourself situated without falling in. A low profile rowing dock, on the other hand, offers a convenient way to launch yourself out onto the water.

How Low Can You Go? Freeboard Height


Freeboard height is the distance between the main deck of the dock and the waterline. For rowers, lower is better to facilitate easier – safer – entrances and exits. It’s best if the dock can sit as close to level with the water as possible.

But freeboard is just one factor: any low profile rowing dock needs to be secure and stable. It does no good if you’re level with the water if it’s rocking and tipping you into the drink. So you need to look for an acceptable freeboard height and exceptional stability.

Leading dock manufacturers deliver a freeboard as low as 5.5” and a stable platform constructed of the highest quality materials. AccuDock’s low profile rowing docks, for example, are easily customizable to any length or width, ensuring you can achieve the perfect fit. The low-maintenance docks can be quickly removed for storage or ahead of storms, and a convenient access ramp (available as an option) makes life just that much easier.

While you can make due with any dock (if you don’t mind getting wet), a low profile rowing dock that is designed for rowers in mind is optimal. The sport is challenging enough; let’s save our effort for the water!

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