Is Accudock an essential business during the pandemic

Is AccuDock an essential business during the Pandemic?

May 13 2021

As COVID-19 spread, more stay-at-home orders went into effect across the nation, and suddenly homeowners had quite a bit of time to enjoy their space in a way that had never been possible previously.

Those who live on waterfront properties had an amazing opportunity thanks to the serenity and calmness that often comes with living right on the water.

As many more people began to enjoy the true beauty of their property, though, another trend emerged – home improvement.

People started to upgrade their indoor and outdoor living spaces at a rate many manufacturing and home design companies had never previously seen, making companies like AccuDock an essential business strive throughout the pandemic’s hardest times.

As homeowners with properties on the water began dreaming about the perfect options, waterfront renovations became increasingly common and necessary for spaces, and AccuDock has been there throughout.

A Big Home Improvement Boom

In March 2020, just after many lockdowns began, Discover surveyed homeowners to understand the new attitude toward home improvement. Just over half said they planned to make improvements in 2020.

By August, that number had grown considerably. The motivation for most was that they wanted to be more comfortable in their spaces. Another key priority for many was to ensure they were able to enhance the safety of their spaces.

Fortunately, manufacturers like AccuDock were able to remain both open and operational throughout because of the ability to put physical distancing in place within the manufacturing facilities and because of the need of so many consumers to upgrade their property during the difficult time.

Benefits for Customers and Employees Alike

AccuDock’s ability to remain open throughout the pandemic was an incredible bonus for customers because of access to some of the best docks in the industry.

All of AccuDock’s products offer great customizations and a fantastic upgrade that can enhance any waterfront property. They’re durable, lightweight, and easy to install quickly too, so throughout the pandemic, customers were still able to make the necessary upgrades to their waterfront spaces with ease.

The benefits didn’t stop with AccuDock’s customers, though. Instead, as an essential business, AccuDock was able to support our entire team as well, keeping manufacturing unemployment numbers to a minimum and every member of our team hard at work so they could do more for our customers.

Home renovations can mean so much for your space, and if you live on a waterfront, often that means addressing your dock concerns.

At AccuDock, our doors will continue to remain open during COVID-19 to help support manufacturing as a whole and all of our employees. We’re here when you’re ready to make waterfront renovations.

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