What are the Fundamentals of Designing a Marina?

July 06 2021

Marina design is changing. Thanks to dock manufacturers’ changing processes, innovative marina designs are on the horizon, and the dock options your marina selects could help shape its future in the industry.

What fundamentals are still in play, and what’s changing? Take a look. 

What You Can Expect

One of the biggest things you’ll still see in every marina design is dock trends that fit the boats that must use them.

While boats are trending bigger and bigger, docks still tend to be fairly small, so you can expect one big change – the size of the wet slips themselves.

However, the problem is that regulators often dictate how marinas can configure the slips, which may impact this key marina design element. 

The right materials have always been a key fundamental of marina design, which will not change anytime soon.

Dock manufacturers have long been trending toward PVC and aluminum systems along with many rust-proof options, and that’s likely to continue.

Composite materials will continue to lead the market as a key fundamental of marina design.

What You Might See

Regulations are pushing many things when it comes to marina design fundamentals, so things could change soon.

In Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, new codes mean no coated or exposed foam, so fully encapsulated foam floats are out there and in many other places around the country. Many marina designs will begin incorporating that change fairly soon. 

Waler innovation is changing as well. Many are looking to hybrid wood and aluminum systems thanks to the severe storms places like Florida have experienced over the past few years.

Expect additional changes in that market to create stability for marinas that may experience hurricanes and other damaging storms. 

Additionally, larger breakwaters and floating attenuators could be a new fundamental when it comes to marina design.

Bigger attenuators mean more dock space as well as added protection. While many looked at breakwaters as heavy-duty concrete modules, some are now looking at data to recreate their designs to make sure they will work before a storm hits. 

What changes are you looking to incorporate? If you’re looking for a boat dock builder who can help you make the right shift, contact us today. 

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