Marina Dock Safety Tips

January 21 2020

Marina dock safety is the number one priority for owners and managers of these facilities. Not only do you need to protect your guests, but you also need to protect your business from legal action and damage to its reputation. Here are a few tips to ensure your fixed or floating marina docks are as safe as possible.

  1. Remove all potential hazards.

    Slips and falls are particularly common. Take steps to avoid these types of accident by removing any tripping hazards (e.g., equipment, ropes, tools, etc.).

  2. Go with no-slip shoes.

    Fixed and floating marina docks get wet. That’s just a fact of life! Require your staff to wear safe, non-slip shoes, and strongly encourage your guests to do so too. If you have a shop at your marina, consider stocking some proper footwear.

  3. Reduce the risk of fire.

    With electrical components and fuel a standard fixture around marinas, fire is a real hazard. Be sure to maintain your property so that fuel is properly secured and stored, wiring is not frayed, and electrical components are safely operated. Have the requisite amount of fire extinguishers, and make sure your staff knows where they are.

  4. Prohibit swimming.

    This is extremely dangerous: a marina is not a beach. Boats are coming and going – and there are often power sources that release charges into the water. Electrical shock drowning is a significant risk. Post signs that warn guests not to swim, wade, or dive.

  5. Watch the weather.

    Utilize computer programs, apps, and/or a weather radio with NOAA alerts. Advise guests of weather conditions. For example, if a storm is approaching, urging boaters to stay ashore can literally save lives.

Marina dock safety is all of our responsibility. AccuDock’s floating marina docks are constructed with top quality materials and provide exceptional stability and an anti-skid surface, in addition to other benefits. Contact us to learn more!

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