What are the Maintenance Tasks for Every Marina?

July 14 2021

A well-run marina means the perfect boating experience for the residents who surround you and the guests who come in and out. It’s not easy to keep a marina running, though.

Instead, marinas have an essential responsibility – maintaining clean, reliable facilities for those who use them on a regular basis.

What marina equipment have you overlooked during maintenance in the past? What marina maintenance tasks just can’t wait any longer? This quick checklist can help you keep things in order. 

Complete These Tasks Now:

  • Watch For Policy Violations: Most marinas have a number of policies in place to help protect guests and the marina itself. You’ll want to train your team to watch for any violations of these policies because these violations can often injure guests and damage your marina. This means using the best practices for waste disposal, petroleum control, and even vessel cleaning. Anyone who does violate these policies should be notified immediately. 
  • Check for Overfilled Trash Receptacles: This may not seem like a big maintenance issue, but it certainly can be. Trash receptacles are a big pest attraction and attracting pests to your marina can be an issue, as they can actually damage your equipment and your customers’ boats. Emptying them regularly is an absolute must. 
  • Visually Inspect the Electrical System: Your electrical system is a key component of your marina. You’ll want to take a close look to ensure you don’t see any corrosion, damage, or missing parts on a weekly basis. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for any improper use of the electrical system itself or simple things like tangled cords. 
  • Examine Cleats Carefully: Sturdy dock cleats make sure the boats tied up in your marina stay put, but over time, they easily get worn or damaged. Take a close look at all of the cleats on a regular basis to ensure none of them could create harm or property damage.

Complete These Tasks at the End of Every Season:

  • Check the Dock for Common Issues: There are a number of common dock issues nearly every marina faces at some point. Rot is one, especially when wood frequently comes in contact with salt water. Rust is another, particularly if you have a mix of wood and metal elements in your dock. You’ll also want to look for warping or bending, as that may happen depending on the docking material you used. 
  • Look Carefully at the Foundation: If your dock’s foundation is damaged, it presents a serious risk to everyone who uses it. If you can’t set a dock’s post at least four feet deep, it’s no longer safe to use, so you’ll want to check this both when you shut down for the season and before you reopen. 
  • Scrutinize The Electrical System: Do a visual and physical inspection of all of your electrical equipment before you close for the season. You’re looking for any corrosion or damage. You’ll also want to verify the voltage and conduct ground resistance testing. 
  • Ensure Equipment is Working: If you have additional equipment at your marinas like a boat winch, lifts, or the like, you’ll want to be sure that absolutely all of your equipment is in good working order to make certain that it can safely provide the right service for marina customers.

Routine marina maintenance along with the right equipment and docking material can make every busy season run smoothly! 

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