boat at dock with name

Tips for Naming Your Boat/Yacht

Naming your boat or yacht is not an easy task and it has nothing to do with the average dock size.  Today, contrary to popular belief, it is OK to wait a bit, take your time, and think constructively about just the right name for your boat or yacht. The belief used to be that a boat had to be christened with a name before she ever went on her first journey.  Today, it is considered a better tradition to take your time and come up with a suitable name – and one that you aren’t going to change.  It is considered bad luck to change the name of a boat – so think hard before making your decision.  It’s also considered bad luck to have the name of your boat start with an “O” or to name it after seas or storms — like Hurricane.  When you have floating docks for lakes, your boat will be moored where others can easily pass by and admire the boat name you’ve chosen.

boat at dock with name

Naming Your Boat: Individualized Names

Most boat owners want the name of their boat or yacht to be personalized to their individual style.  It can take a while to come up with something unique that will fit nicely on the boat transom, typically keeping the name to just one to two words.  The name should also be easily readable in case someone needs to find you out on the water.  Let’s look at some tips that can help.

  • Try to find a name that reflects your personal style that is no longer than three words.  Besides fitting nicely on the transom, you will want the name to be easily understood through a VHF radio broadcast. The VHF radio is, of course, a vital piece of safety equipment that every boater should have on their boat.
  • Ideally, you want a name to be “catchy” and entertaining, making others smile when they see what you’ve named your boat.
  • The name should not only be personalized to the owner but also fit the boat itself.  That’s another reason why it might take a bit to discover the true name for the boat, waiting until you take the boat out and discover the boat’s “personality” as well if you will.
  • It is acceptable to name your boat after a favorite movie or famous song, preferably one that has a nautical theme involved.
  • You can always name your boat after a special woman, or man, in your life.  That is considered appropriate.
  • If you can get really creative, words that include double meanings or puns are also very much enjoyed by other boaters.
  • Obviously, keep the name classy – don’t name your boat anything you would, or should, be embarrassed about repeating over the radio.  When you are on the water, your boat’s name becomes your name, so make it stylish.


Hopefully, your boat has her (most boats tend to be referred to as female) own dock to leave from and return to.  If not, floating docks on lakes is something you should consider for the convenience of use, especially if you own waterfront property.  Your boat or yacht should have her own space, if possible.  The average dock size is a few feet longer than your boat. The exact space needed will have to be calculated specifically for your boat, using measurements that pertain not only to the length and width of your boat, but also its height and the depth of the water it will be moored in.

AccuDock is a global leader in floating dock platforms for a variety of needs.  We can help you find floating docks for lakes, rivers, or any body of water you need.  Can we help you with naming your boat?  Maybe. But the ultimate decision is yours.  Call us today at 1-954-785-7557 to discuss floating docks for lakes and the average dock size needed.

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