Polyethylene Swim Rafts: 7 Fun Facts

September 30 2020

We are calling this the Season of Swimming! With all the travel restrictions and canceled vacations, families are looking no further than their own properties to enjoy some outdoor time together. Whether you are interested in using your waterfront to relax and just soak up some rays or you are planning on providing your children with hours of endless fun, investing in a polyethylene swim raft might be the best idea you’ll have all season. Here’s why:

7 Fun Facts About Polyethylene Swim Rafts

  1. A polyethylene swim raft is the best way to increase the functionality of your home pond or swimming hole (or the watering hole at your summer camp).
  2. AccuDock floats are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. These high-quality materials are designed to stand the test of time and offer superb stability for safety.
  3. Dock floats can (and should) be made using environmentally friendly materials. AccuDock recycles every possible bit of scrap material from its dock manufacturing process.
  4. Not all dock floats are created equal. Swim rafts designed using the highest standards in the industry will give you the most bang for your buck!
  5. Polyethylene swim rafts made by AccuDock have a guaranteed universal wall thickness of .150 inches (min.) so you never need to worry about quality. Additionally, the rafts have a lid with a 2-1/2” lip around the entire float to maximize safety.
  6. Polyethylene swim rafts actually save you time and money when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Your raft will not only last for years, but it will also look great. After all, what’s worse than putting money into a swim raft for your family and friends to enjoy only to have its quality and appearance deteriorate?!
  7. Docks and rafts are perfect places for impromptu coffee dates at sunrise or surprise dinner picnics at sunset.

Need more reasons to invest in a polyethylene swim raft? Get in touch with AccuDock, and make sure every season here on out is the Season of Swimming! The AccuDock engineering, sales, and design team will walk you through the design process step by step to determine the exact specifications of the dock or swim raft of your dreams. The combination of customizable aspects are endless and include configurations, freeboard heights, decking choices, and more.

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