Why Portable Floating Docks Are Better Than Inflatables

January 14 2020

When cleaning, detailing, and performing necessary exterior maintenance work on a yacht or other large watercraft, accessing those hard-to-reach spots can be difficult – and dangerous. Regardless of whether these maintenance tasks are performed every two weeks or every month, portable floating docks allow you and/or your crew to maneuver around the boat with greater ease and safety. If you’re thinking about an inflatable yacht dock, wait! Portable is a better way to go.

Portable vs. Inflatable

Why are portable floating docks a superior choice? Safety first. Why go with an inflatable yacht dock and risk your safety – and/or that of your crew? AccuDock offers stable, secure solutions. Our portable floating docks are manufactured using expanded EPS foam encased in HDPE flat sheets. A levant texture finish provides a solid, non-skid surface and plenty of traction, which is an essential feature. The surface is not slippery when wet and does not get hot to the touch in summer.

Our portable floating docks are available in two sizes for maximum convenience and easy storage aboard your yacht:

  • 4’ x 8’ x 8”: This model can accommodate up to 550 pounds, has a buoyancy rate of 1,075 pounds, and weighs in at 67 pounds. Most are able to fit in a space the size of a truck bed.
  • 5’ x 8’ x 8”: A bit bigger, this model accommodates up to 700 pounds with a buoyancy rate of up to 1,400. It weighs 85 pounds, and some variations can fit in a truck bed.

Portable floating docks are rugged, sturdy, and stable – the perfect surface for a variety of tasks. Keep yourself and/or your crew safe and forget about purchasing an inflatable yacht dock. You’ll get far better value, quality, and results from an AccuDock floating dock.

Custom Sizes Available

Don’t see the specific size dock you’re looking for? Don’t worry, custom sizes are available upon request. Simply contact us for more information!

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