Prefabricated Docks: 5 Advantages

February 28 2020

Adding a dock to your waterfront property is a no-brainer! Of course you want to increase access, usability, versatility, convenience, and fun. But what’s the best choice for your needs? Floating prefabricated docks offer a number of benefits – and best of all, you can start enjoying all of them virtually instantly.

The Benefits of Prefabricated Docks

1. Easy Installation

Modular floating dock kits are designed for easy assembly; if you’re a passable DIYer, you can be up and running in no time with a few simple tools and the included hardware. No contractor, no specialty equipment you’ll never use again, no hassle.

2. Easy Maintenance

AccuDock’s floating prefabricated docks are constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which fully encapsulates the EPS foam core. All aluminum components are built with marine grade aluminum to prevent corrosion and rust. Unlike other materials, such as wood, maintenance is virtually nonexistent. Soap and water now and then does the job.

3. Modular Design

Modular floating dock kits provide exceptional flexibility. They are sold in sections, and you can reconfigure the dock to suit your needs. Rather than tearing down a permanent dock and building a new one, you simply add on, take away, or rearrange sections to create the right fit.

4. Suitable for Fluctuating Water Levels

AccuDock’s floating prefabricated docks are designed to rise and fall with the tide. No matter what the water level, your dock will always be usable. At the same time, the distance between the dock and your watercraft is always the same, making it easier to enter and exit.

5. Easy Removal

When you need to remove your dock for the season or in preparation for severe weather, you can quickly and easily remove it and store it in a safe location.

Ready to start enjoying the flexibility, freedom, and ease of modular floating dock kits? Give AccuDock a call, stop by, or contact us online.

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