How Much Value Does a Dock Add to a Home?

There is no doubt that residential floating dock systems provide exceptional flexibility, freedom, convenience, and fun! This addition allows you to maximize the potential of your waterfront property. But when it comes to adding value to your home, do these additions deliver? The short answer: yes, usually!

Let’s dive in and see how docks can influence the potential value of your property.

Floating Docks as Home Additions

The potential value a floating dock adds to a property is similar to an amenity such as a pool. Having easy and safe access to the water is key. It is a fairly safe assumption that people who are in the market for waterfront property will find this to be a highly desirable feature. In the case of residential dock systems, the access provided is not just for swimming, but also for boating, fishing, lounging, launching kayaks, etc.

A floating dock enhances the overall look of a property and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. These aspects make floating docks as home additions strategic purchases intended to appeal to buyers.

In terms of potential value, it is important to consider the convenience of having a docking system in place. Prospective buyers do not have to worry about obtaining a permit as the property already has navigable boat access (and, of course, access for swimming and other water sports). Nor do they have to pay for expensive boat slips at marinas. This is becoming prime real estate, and prices are increasing right along with demand. Both of these are significant advantages you can leverage when it comes to selling.

Residential Dock Systems – Factors That Influence Potential Value

 Many people want to know – to the dollar! – how much residential dock systems can add to their home’s value. There is no simple answer; it depends on a number of factors, many of which may be unique to your property and/or specific dock system. These include:

  • Type of property you own
  • Location
  • Condition of the home
  • Body of water
  • Type of residential docking system
  • Condition of the dock

As you would expect, the type of property you own, and its location will play a big role in value. That’s true of any real estate. An immaculate five-bedroom home with full tidal rights, for example, will have a higher valuation than an older one bedroom on a lake.

But these are not the only influences on potential value. The body of water itself matters a great deal. Is your property on the coast? A river? A lake or pond? If the latter, what is the condition of the water? How sizeable is the lake or pond?

Then we come to the dock itself. What type of dock do you have? Permanent or floating? Both add value, but the benefit of floating dock systems is that they can be reconfigured to suit the new owner’s needs and easily removed for the season or in preparation for severe weather.

AccuDock’s residential dock systems also offer tremendous durability. They are constructed of  high density polyethylene (HDPE), which fully surrounds the EPS foam core. With a long lifespan, new owners will not have to worry about warping, water damage, extensive maintenance requirements, UV damage, and other issues that impact the quality and longevity of other docking systems. It will remain in top condition – in terms of both appearance and performance – for years.

Investing in Floating Docks as Home Additions

Installing a residential dock system is frequently cited as one of the top 10 home improvements for coastal areas. Depending on the dock you choose, you can boost potential value – not to mention enjoy your property as fully as possible until you decide to sell (if you do at all!).

Contact AccuDock to learn more about our residential dock systems and how they can enhance your property and add convenience, ease, and flexibility to your lifestyle.

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