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Residential Floating Dock Designs You Should Consider

February 21 2022

For your waterfront property, have you considered getting a dock, if you don’t already have one?  If you already have a dock available, does it meet your needs?  Have you considered upgrading it?  If you own a boat or are thinking about getting a boat, it’s almost essential to consider residential floating docks.  A dock can provide convenient access to your boat, and it can also be a great place to gather with friends and family to enjoy the wonderful scenery that being on the water offers.

Straight-line Floating Dock – This simple dock structure has appeal for residential owners precisely because it is simple and the slips are arranged at a 90-degree angle, which can help provide stability.

Built-in Seating Floating Dock – This floating dock design provides seating without having to add furniture in the area.  It is a popular choice because of its functionality and cost-efficiency.

Kayak Dock or Jet Ski Dock – A floating kayak dock will enable you to access your kayak, canoe, or personal watercraft with ease.  It also allows for the rise and fall with the flowing tide.


What are floating cottage docks?  A floating cottage dock is meant to connect two or several floating homes together.  It’s a great idea for groups of friends or large families to take a vacation or spend some time together away from the noise of real life.


Residential floating docks that can be customized can offer great versatility of uses.  They can be used for docking your boat or mooring your personal watercraft.  They are great for swimming – you can add a swimming ladder to descend into the water and then ascend back to the dock.  They can also be used as a platform for fishing.  Or maybe you just want to sit and visit with friends while watching a nice sunset (or sunrise!).


You can also create an elaborate floating dock with two levels, with a staircase going up to the second level.  You can put railings around it; you can put a roof on it; you can have curtains to close a section off – you are really only limited by your imagination.


What’s new and really trending right now is incorporating a pool onto your floating dock.  If you would prefer to swim in a pool as opposed to a lake or river water, you want to learn more about this.


To complete the overall aesthetically pleasing look of residential floating docks, consider adding PVC decking.  It is offered in a variety of colors so it can even match your residence if you would like it to, and it will also help keep your boat dock cool to the touch when it is exposed to the hot summer sun.

Residential floating docks will add beauty and value to your waterfront property, as well as provide functionality and a great place to gather and enjoy time spent with family and friends.  AccuDock can help with all your floating dock needs.  Call today at 1-954-785-7557.

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