Rowing 101: Getting Started

Okay, everyone! Are you ready for some Rowing 101? Rowing and sculling are two terms often confused and combined. It is easy to understand why people unfamiliar with the sport confuse the terminology, though. Basically, there is sweep rowing and there is sculling, and those two terms fall under the umbrella of rowing. Once you understand both terms, the difference between rowing and sculling should be very easy to remember.

What Is the Difference Between Rowing and Sculling?

Sweep rowing utilizes one oar while sculling events use two oars.

Other than the number of oars a participant has in their hands, there is also a bit of difference between rowing and sculling in terms of the events themselves. A sculling event consists of three main categories: a single, a double, and a quad. A single is when one athlete will compete, a double is two, and the quad, of course, is a category where four athletes compete.

On the other hand, sweep rowing has competitions with events for pairs, quads, or octads – octads being groups of 8. When you attend a rowing event, whether it be at a high school or college, most of the time it will be a sweep rowing event rather than a sculling event.

Rowing 101 Fun Fact

And now, to get a little more technical with our Rowing 101, here is a fun fact about the single scull – a boat used for a single athlete. The single scull is the smallest boat on water! The smallest size could be right around 10 inches across by 27 feet long.

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