What Equipment Do You Need for Rowing?

From oars to seat pads to high-performance clothing, rowing equipment and accessories run the gamut. If you are new to the sport: welcome! It’s exciting – and a great workout. You may also be wondering what type of gear you need.

Following is a list of essential rowing equipment:

  • The boat. Start at the beginning. You need a shell, which is made of lightweight carbon fiber. A single shell is 27 – 30 feet long by one foot wide and weighs about 30 pounds. An eight, the largest shell, is 60 feet and over 200 pounds. You can find 1, 2, 4, or 8 rower shells.
  • The oar. In rowing, you use one oar (as opposed to sculling, where you use two). A rowing (or sweep) oar is between 340 cm – 360 cm.
  • The clothes. You want your rowing clothing to be form fitting, so fabric doesn’t get caught in the components of your shell. It’s best to wear fabrics that wick away moisture – which is especially important when it’s cool. Sweating will cause your temperature to plummet, and you need that moisture away from your skin. Wear a moisture-wicking base layer (Under Armour or similar gear is good here), an insulating layer (synthetic fleece is great for cold days), a wind blocking layer, synthetic or wool socks, and a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Seat pads. When you’re rowing two, three, or more hours, this is a lifesaver. You’ll immediately notice the increase in comfort, and you can give it your all on the water.
  • Floating dock for rowing. One of the most important pieces of rowing equipment never actually makes it aboard your shell. It’s the dock. A stable, durable floating dock makes it easier to access the water and to enter and exit your craft.

An AccuDock floating dock for rowing offers exceptional quality and value, as well as the ability to customize and configure to your specific needs. Avid rowers can take advantage of easy installation, removal, and storage as well as the convenience of instant access to the water.

If you love rowing, contact the AccuDock team today. We’re here to make sure you can focus 100% on your sport.

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