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What Rowing Floating Docks are Used by Most Collegiate Teams?

May 25 2022

Some of the Best Ranked Docks Used By Most Collegiate Rowing Programs

Although rowing has been a recognized sport since 1828 with the inaugural race between Oxford and Cambridge in England, it continues to pick up speed in popularity year after year.  Rowing floating docks, also known as low-profile docks, were designed especially for rowers.  They are crafted to meet the needs of rowers, which include being easy to board, launch, and then easy to exit from upon return.


What are the best ranked docks used by most collegiate rowing programs?  Low-profile docks.  There are three main reasons for their popularity among rowers and collegiate programs.

  1. The low freeboard height of a low-profile dock makes it easier for rowers to get in, launch, and get back out of the vessel.  This saves energy, which is important to rowers because of the amount of physical strength and stamina that the sport of rowing involves while out on the water.  A low-profile dock can provide the rowers with a little assistance.
  2. Low-profile docks arrive in pre-made sections that are modular and, therefore, can be integrated into any existing dock structure.  Due to the fact that the dock sections are pre-determined and welded, rowing programs can purchase the dock by sections, allowing them to customize them to their specific and unique needs.
  3. They are sturdy and secure, especially when combined with an anchoring system and couplers.  This enables a seamless and safe transition between docking systems and offers the added ability to absorb shock and ensure movement is safe.


Rowing floating docks are an essential component of ensuring collegiate teams, as well as individuals, have the best possible method of entry, launch, and exit from the water.  Many teams have rules and regulations to follow when rowing in different areas, including potential noise restrictions.  These factors include:

  1. Sizes of rowing dock sections that are available, whether singular or joined together, or with another dock structure.
  2. Anchoring is a good way to help ensure the dock stays stable and safe.
  3. Dock composition of materials used that is deemed safe by the U.S. Rowing Association includes slip-resistant polyethylene.  You don’t want docks made from a material that can splinter, easily weaken through use, absorbs heat, or allows for heat burns on hands or feet.
  4. Multiple configurations are ideal for rowing floating docks because they can be customized to your specific needs.
  5. Maintenance on the dock should be low to keep from having to use more energy cleaning or repairing a dock than the actual rowing.


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