Rowing and COVID-19

November 27 2020

COVID-19 has created virtually unprecedented chaos in the world, particularly as countries sought to contain the virus and still keep their economies moving. As it stretches on, and as we continue to deal with surges, many of us just want to get back to normal. Staying safe, and protecting the health of others, is the top priority – but can we get back to our favorite sports and recreational pursuits? What do you need to know about rowing and COVID-19?

Rowing Safety Guidelines: Hitting the Water In a Pandemic

As far as rowing safety guidelines go, if you are rowing in a single, you should be good to hit the water! The nature of the sport allows you to maintain social distancing and being outdoors greatly reduces the risk of transmission. The danger comes when you are interacting with people on docks or in other areas where they tend to congregate. But we’ve dealt with this for months, with each trip to the grocery store. Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and maintain at least four to six feet of distance where possible.

When you’re at your club or school, take all reasonable precautions and follow the recommended rowing safety guidelines to keep yourself and others safe. These include:

  • Not sharing equipment
  • Sanitizing all equipment and high touch surfaces (e.g. oar handles, seats, tools, boat handles, etc.)
  • Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds before and after rowing
  • Sanitizing your hands if soap and water are not available and when you come into contact with high touch surfaces
  • Maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask in boathouses and on the dock until you launch.

AccuDock is committed to your safety; this is why we build the most stable, secure, and sound products in the industry. We also want you to stay safe. If you row in a club, ask about their specific rowing safety guidelines. With some precautions, we can all get back on the water, enjoy the fresh air, and get our pandemic bodies back in top shape!

Watch our Dockside Chat Series with AccuDock Rowing Dock Specialist, Mark Wilson as he discusses the pandemic with others in the rowing community.

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