Swim platform decks for lakes

Swim Platform Decks for Lakes Perfect for Camps and Parks

Swim platform decks for lakes are the perfect additions for camps and parks looking to make their waterfronts more accessible to campers. Swim platforms and docks for lakes turn any waterfront into an endless, action-packed adventure for kids and adults. 

With the proper floating swim platform, you can increase the roster of water activities in your camp or park to include swimming, sunbathing, boating, kayaking, fishing, and more. 

Matchless Customization 

Swim docks come in easy-to-install modular sections with an innovative coupling design to let you build a custom dock that suits your specific needs. You can combine the modular sectors to any shape and size to suit your waterfront. 

You can install them on a river, lake, or any water body in your camp and park to allow your campers to have a great time on the water. You can easily transform a swim platform into a floating walkway to cater to varied campers’ needs. 

Zero Maintenance 

Floating platforms for camps are made of light, flexible, and durable materials such as treated wood, polyethylene, and aluminum. Polyethylene swimming docks are the best choice for camps and parks with frequent visitors. 

Swim docks feature unique airtight chambers and thick walls for exceptional floating stability on the water. Polyethylene doesn’t rot, splinter, warp, or fade in the sun, eliminating the need for routine upkeep and maintenance. 

Exceptional Safety Standards 

  • Swim platform docks for lakes are crafted to deliver the highest safety standard to people of all ages, including kids safe on the water. They feature a slip-resistant surface to eliminate slip and fall accidents. They use superior floating and buoyancy technology and devices to provide a safe and stable walking surface even on moving water. 
  • Floating platforms for camps come with various accessories to help you create a custom water adventure for your campers. You can add slides, ladders, and other accessories to help campers swim, splash around, and have tons of safe water-based fun

Turn Your Waterfront into an Adventure Park 

 AccuDock provides superior swim platforms docks for lakes letting you turn any waterfront into a safe, action-filled adventure park for your campers. These durable and flexible docks come in different shapes and configurations to let you create custom docks that will delight and impress your campers.   Call us today for more information!

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