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common sizes of floating docks
Floating Docks

Common Sizes of Floating Platforms

Floating platforms are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and individuals who need a stable platform for their operations, whether it be on the water or in a marina. Although there are many different sizes and shapes of platforms, several standard sizes are the most popular among clients. In this article, we’ll look at the various floating platform
can my floating dock stay in the water year round
Floating Docks

Can My Floating Dock Stay in the Water Year Round?

Your floating platform dock is perfectly safe during spring, summer, and fall. Winter, however, is the season to worry about. Ice can cause a lot of damage to your floating dock.  Why You May Need To Remove Your Docks During Winter When water frequently freezes up and melts, as we see in winter, the ice
dock on a river
Floating Docks Residential

What Size Floating Boat Dock Should I Have On A River?

A major advantage to boat docks these days is the ability to purchase a floating boat dock.  Floating docks are platforms that can be made from a variety of materials that float on the water’s surface.  They can come in multiple configurations that are very versatile and can be easily customized to suit your individual

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