A Christmas tree brightens a waterfront property with holiday decorations for docks.

12 Days of Decorating: Tips on Holiday Decorations for Docks

As the holiday season approaches, waterfront property owners have a unique canvas for creating festive magic: their docks. Imagine a waterfront wonderland, with shimmering lights and holiday decorations adorning your dock, turning it into a stunning focal point for the season. In this guide to holiday decorations for docks, we’ll explore creative ways to transform
bodies of water for a floating gazebo

What Bodies of Water are Best for a Floating Gazebo

After you finally decide to purchase the best floating gazebo dock you’ve always wanted, you’ll probably wonder where the perfect spot is to place your dock. Of course, there are many factors to consider, including space constraints and water accessibility. Still, one of the biggest concerns most people have is whether or not their chosen location
uses for a floating gazebo pond dock

5 Uses for a Gazebo Floating Lake Dock

What better way to enjoy your beautiful water view than with a pond dock with gazebo or a floating lake dock? Many people don’t even realize the potential uses of this type of dock until they come into contact with it, and you could be one of them! If you are considering buying pond dock with
​​setup floating lake docks

How Easy is Setting Up a Floating Gazebo Dock

Floating docks have been a popular choice on lakes and coastal bays in the past several decades. Floating docks have several advantages over typical piling constructions forced into the seabed, such as speed, ease of installation, and versatility. Learn how about the best ​​setup floating lake docks for your property. For a long time, AccuDock

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