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The Advantages of Floating Wastewater Platform Docks for Municipalities and Utilities

June 10 2023

Dealing with wastewater quickly, thoroughly, and ethically is the price we pay to enjoy a modernized society and all its amenities. To fulfill our obligations, however, wastewater treatment personnel need to be able to access containment areas, whether artificial ponds or more sophisticated holding tanks. That’s where floating wastewater platforms come into play. 

What is a Wastewater Plant Floating Platform?

A wastewater plant floating platform is a type of walkway, scaffolding, or barge that sits comfortably on top of the wastewater containment area. Floating wastewater platforms are designed to allow the staff at the wastewater treatment facility easy access to areas where critical infrastructure is contained. These highly adaptable platforms are an essential component for the ongoing maintenance and associated safety procedures necessary in treating wastewater

Different Types of Floating Wastewater Platforms 

Floating wastewater platforms, especially in the wastewater plant setting, have to be able to take a lot of abuse. In some scenarios, they are exposed to the elements, meaning they have to be solid and well-built in order to last. 

On top of that, a wastewater plant floating platform has to be resistant to potentially corrosive elements in the wastewater itself. That’s why most high-quality platforms are constructed using materials such as marine-grade aluminum with HDPE-encapsulated floats. 

For wastewater containment and treatment outside the plant setting, you might also find floating islands that are designed to encourage plant growth while simultaneously filtering out undesirable elements. A commercial/ industrial setting, however, requires a heavier grade of the product.  

The Advantages of Installing Wastewater Plant Floating Platforms 

Floating wastewater platforms enable workers to monitor the facility’s key components up close closely, but what other advantages do wastewater plant floating platforms bring to the table? Use cases include advantages such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Cost-effectiveness

The overarching idea behind floating wastewater plant ingress is being able to install a custom-built structure that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported into tight, normally inhospitable spaces. 

To achieve that you need sectional products that can be easily taken apart and reassembled in different locations, as well as floating docks that can be applied across a wide array of scenarios. Underscoring it all is the idea that a quality dock should be stable and resistant against damage without breaking the bank.

Know More About the Advantages of Floating Wastewater Platform Docks for Municipalities and Utilities with AccuDock

If you need a product that addresses all three of these criteria, AccuDock can provide a custom floating platform solution designed to fit the needs of your particular wastewater treatment facility. Please contact us today so we can discuss your treatment facility’s unique needs.  

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