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Things to Consider When Designing a Pier for a Lake

August 16 2021

Piers help water enthusiasts enjoy the lake much more by extending useful space out over the water.  Put a couple of benches at the end of the pier or along the sides, and you have made the pier a prime fishing spot.  As those put in charge of making sure guests can enjoy as much of nature as they want, pier designs for lakes can take into account many possibilities for use.

Designing a Pier for a Lake

What are the factors you need to consider when researching pier designs for lakes?  A pier dock first and foremost needs to be safe and secure.  Pier designs for lakes can come in multiple configurations, only limited by your imagination.  This means a pier dock can be constructed nearly anywhere, working with virtually any space needs that are available.

Stationary or Floating

Stationary docks remain in place and are permanent structures.  They need to be built on top of wood or concrete piles that have been sunk into the lakebed to remain sturdy.  While stationary docks can be quite solid, there is much to be said for floating docks.  Floating pier docks are much more versatile and can be removed from the water during the winter if there is a possibility of freezing weather damaging a stationary dock.  Likewise, if the dock will be located in an area with high winds, they can be removed and stored until such time as the high winds subside.  Floating docks also rise and fall with the lake’s water levels, and this fact has the added benefit of eliminating a gap or drop between the dock and the water in the event of a dry season.

Fishing From a Pier Dock

When hosting a summer camp or expecting large park crowds desiring to enjoy the natural beauty of an area, pier designs for lakes need to take into consideration how to best anticipate the needs associated with the usage and plan for it.  As we’ve already discussed, pier docks can take shape in multiple ways.  Kids love fishing, and there’s no better way to help kids enjoy fishing than from a pier dock.  

One suggestion would be to design a pier to be in the shape of a large square with an entrance on one side and an exit on the opposite side.  This would give kids a one-way path to help eliminate foot traffic congestion and not have kids running over each other, going two different directions on one path.  Fishing from a pier dock is also a great way to experience fishing if you don’t happen to have a boat to be able to go out on the lake.  It’s also a great way to sit and enjoy the sunshine while waiting for a fish to take a nibble from the line.

Pier Designs for Lakes Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

For help discovering your ideal pier designs for lakes, contact AccuDock today at 1.954.785.7557 or visit them online.  A great pier dock can get you out on the open water to enjoy the surrounding area even more while also giving you an easily accessible path back to land.

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