type of floating dock

Types of Floating Docks For Your Waterfront Home

You have a waterfront home and a boat. Now, you need a home boat dock so you can access the water and your boat any time you want.  There won’t be any slip fees or docking fees.  Straight from your home to your dock to your boat and all the opportunities that being right by the water offers.  So, what are the types of floating docks available?

type of floating dock


Floating docks are very versatile and very common because many people have seen all the advantages home boat docks have to offer.  They are secured to land but they don’t attach to the bottom of the body of water; therefore, fewer permits are required.  You can utilize floating docks in deep water as well as the shallower water. Floating docks can remain in the water during the water, or they can easily be removed and stored until warmer weather.


Floating dock designs can be customized to almost any situation and to suit nearly every purpose and budget.  The flexibility that these docks have is nearly unlimited and can accommodate a wide variety of uses.  Types of floating docks include:

  • Docks just for boats
  • Swimming
  • Leisure
  • Jet Skiing
  • Rowing
  • Paddlesports

Home boat docks give you the convenience of strolling out your front door and right onto your boat.  Just a few steps from home and you’re ready to go for a ride around the river or lake with family and friends, or you’re off to a nearby restaurant on the water with a view.

Floating swim dock platforms give everyone easy access to the water for tons of fun activities and exercise.  These platforms can be customized to different shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific needs and wishes.  They offer convenient access to lots of swimming fun.

Leisure docks can help make room for lots of activities.  Get together some ideas of what your leisure activities might look like, what type of furniture you might want to have available (chairs, tables, chaise lounges, room for coolers, etc.) and, once you have that in your mind, you will know approximately how much space you will need.  If you are in doubt, add a little more space than what you think – it’s better to have a little too much than not enough.  Your floating leisure dock can be very adaptable to your needs.

Jet Ski floating docks become an attractive way to launch and park your personal watercraft. Jet skis are very popular and a great way to get you around in style on the water.

Docks for kayaks and other paddle sports come in many different configurations, including:

  • Kayak Drive-Thru Dock
  • Kayak Slip Dock
  • Boomer Kayak Slip Dock
  • Willy Dock
  • Paddleboard Dock
  • Kayak Slip Dock with Safe Launch
  • Not to mention endless accessories such as Paddle Sport Storage Racks

There are many types of floating docks for your waterfront home that can accommodate your specific needs.  If there isn’t one exactly like you are picturing it, chances are very high that it can be created because these designs and materials are so flexible and adaptable.

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