Flat Deck Barge Platforms

The Versatility of Flat Deck Barge Platforms for Industrial Applications

June 01 2023

Flat deck barge platforms are watercraft with a flat, open deck that can be used for various activities. They are designed to be towed into the harbor by tugboats and push boats. These barges are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific needs. Various industries can use them, including mining, oil and gas, construction, and shipbuilding.  

Industrial Applications for Flat Deck Barge Platforms

Given that barges are an extension of land, they can support various industrial applications on either moderate or deep water, especially where the applications are required for water-based activities. Here are some of the applications that show the versatility of flat deck barges.

Transporting Heavy Equipment

Companies use barges to carry heavy equipment that cannot be moved by conventional means of transport, such as the road. Such barges come with ramps or cranes to facilitate both loading and unloading.

Storing Materials

Flat deck barges can also serve as temporary storage for materials required in construction or heavy equipment barge docks. They only need to be anchored offshore or moored at a dock until the materials are required.

Support for Offshore Drilling

Companies can fit the flat deck barges with drilling equipment and take them to a drilling site, where they provide a stable platform from which to start a drilling operation. They can also be used as heavy equipment barge docks for additional equipment and supplies used for drilling.

Support Work Crews

Flat deck barges make great platforms for use as bases for operations for work crews involved in shoreline and offshore construction and maintenance projects. Companies fit these barges with workshops, offices, and living quarters to provide amenities required by the crew.

Marine Construction

These platforms are ideal for supporting marine construction activities like dredging, bridge building, and pile driving. Marine construction companies equip them with cranes, pile-driving equipment, and any other tools needed for the construction work.

Experience the Versatility of Flat Deck Barge Platforms for Industrial Applications for Yourself with AccuDock

Flat deck barge platforms are ideal flat spaces for carrying out various activities on the water. They save the company the cost of transporting equipment to shore and extend the land space for activities. You can trust AccuDock if you need such custom-made platforms. Are you looking for a flat deck barge for any application? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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