Summer Camp Dock Accessories

What Accessories Do You Need For Your Summer Camp Dock?

August 23 2021

With summer in full swing and campers ready and eager as never before to enjoy summer activities on the lakes, what summer camp accessories do you need to remember to take to the camp dock?  Multiple customizable camp dock configurations can be thoughtfully considered and rendered for use by summertime campers.  So many dock configurations, so little summertime!  So, get out there and enjoy that gorgeous summer weather now while you can!

Summer Camp Accessories

Of course, the first of the summer camp accessories that you should take along are life jackets/vests for those who need them and sunscreen.  You should have lots of water to stay hydrated and food/snacks to keep up your energy levels.

Will you need portable stairs or ladders to help campers and park enthusiasts descend and ascend to the dock area so they can safely get closer to the water?  What about aluminum dock ladders to help with getting on and off the swim platform?  Are kayaks going to be available to campers?  If so, will you need tie-ups available on the docks to secure the crafts?  Will you need a rack to store your kayaks?  What about swimming lanes?  Maybe you will need custom turn boards and/or connections for lane lines to differentiate lanes for swimmer races?

Perhaps you also want to make rafts or inflatable lake floats available to enable campers, after a hard day of having fun, to leisurely rest while floating gently on the lake’s waters.  What about camp dock fenders or bumpers to help keep from putting any dings or dents into your watercraft?  You will need to have your rod, reel, and all your fishing equipment, of course, to fish from the camp dock.  If your campers are going to be out after dark, ensure you bring along some mobile lights to brighten up dark spaces.  You might also need some safe dock steps with handrails for folks to hold onto to ensure their safety.

Multiple Dock Configurations

For your ease of use and convenience, camp docks can be designed as imagined!  A wide variety of possibilities can be configured to suit your every need for summer camp.  Do you want a foundation for a boathouse?  Whatever your camp or park waterfront needs, AccuDock can help customize a solution that will fit right in.  

Doesn’t that water look inviting?  Contact AccuDock today at 1 (954) 785-7557 or visit them online to get your plans for a great camping experience put into action.

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