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What are Rowing Shell Floating Docks and How Can I Use Them?

Rowing shell floating docks enable rowers to more easily get in and out of their rowing boats (or shells).  When rowers climb into their shells, they are climbing into their boat used for rowing.  Racing shells are long and narrow.  Their length depends on the number of rowers who are going to use it.  A single scull, holding an individual rower would be 27 feet long, while a shell for two rowers would be approximately 34 feet long, a shell for four rowers would be approximately 44 feet, and for eight rowers, the length would be approximately 62 feet.

Longest Rowing Docks

The long and narrow shells require some of the longest rowing docks available.  The length, as well as a number of other specifications, can be customized to meet specific needs.  Rowing shell floating docks can also be called low-profile docks.  The longest rowing docks can offer many benefits to rowing shells.  Very low freeboard height rowing docks or low-profile docks have the advantage of being closer to the water for ease of entry, launch, and exit while offering maximum stability.  The longest rowing docks come in sections that will then be easy to install and remove, if desired, for turbulent weather, or off-season storage.  Rowing floating shell docks can be quite helpful when trying to dock your shell.

How do You Dock a Rowing Shell?

Take into account the prevailing wind and currents in the water to help guide your rowing shell into the dock.  The length of the longest rowing docks makes it much easier to dock your rowing shell.  Begin your docking approach from a parallel angle.  Since you are always facing the stern in a rowing shell boat, approach with your bow slightly pointing toward the dock.  When you get closer, move your stern in, which will push your bow out.  If you decide you are coming in too close to the dock, change your angle and turn towards the dock.  While this may seem a little off-kilter at first, you will soon see that the stern will be corrected for docking the boat.

AccuDock makes its floating docks from high-density polyethylene plastic that encapsulates a block of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam.  All aluminum products use Marine Grade Aluminum (6000 Series) to help prevent the possibility of rust or corrosion.  Call AccuDock today at 1-954-785-7557 with any questions you may have with regard to rowing shell floating docks. We are experts in the industry and will be happy to assist you.

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