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What is the Ramp to a Dock Called?

October 05 2021

A very marine term, the ramp between a dock and a boat, or a dock and land, is often referred to as a “gangway.”  The name implies “fun,” don’t you think?  Taking a gangway to arrive at your destination between two points sounds much more nautical than a ramp. More fun than just referring to it as an “aluminum dock ramp,” right?

Gangways vs Ramps

Are they one and the same, or is there a difference between a gangway and a ramp?  It depends on who you ask.  The first thing you want is a seamless and safe transition between land and your dock.  Safety is of primary importance.

Gangways often cover greater distances and have handrails (especially handy if the gangway needs to go over a deeper section of water or it is taller in height than the land below).  Ramps, on the other hand, are typically used when shorter distances need to be covered.  You can, of course, always include handrails on ramps if desired.

Gangways, Ramps, and Bridges Oh My!

As a Camp Director, the primary importance of a gangway, ramp, or bridge is to see campers and guests safely across a span of land and/or water to arrive at your dock.  You might even want a ramp or gangway from the dock to a boat, depending on the size of each.

Gangways need to be easy and safe for campers and other patrons to move over without worrying about it being stable or solid enough to hold them.  Also, to be inclusive of everyone, a gangway or a ramp should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker.

Aluminum Dock Ramps

Aluminum is the material of choice for a gangway or ramp because it is lightweight, attractive, floatable, and requires little maintenance.  Aluminum is also sturdy and can hold a lot of weight well.

When you order aluminum dock ramps from AccuDock, you will know that they only use the best grade of materials for them.  In the case of gangways or dock walkway ramps, they use 6000 Series Marine grade aluminum.  ADA-compliant features can always be incorporated if needed.

Floating docks are very flexible and AccuDock can personalize your aluminum dock ramps according to the exact specifications you need.  Everything can be customized to fit your needs.  The welders employed by AccuDock are certified by the American Welding Society.  You’ll know your gangway or dock walkway ramp is solid and secure.  An additional safety feature is the ribbed and knurled decking included on the ramps to help provide extra traction with no slips.

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