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What Size Floating Gazebo is Best for My Dock?

October 19 2022

Having a boat dock is a great experience. It provides you with a place to swim, tie off your boat, and fish. The only problem is that your boat and boat dock can spoil an otherwise gorgeous view of the lake. Adding a floating gazebo to your boat dock not only dresses up your boat dock and improves the view, but also provides you with the means of getting even more use out of your dock. Once it’s installed, you’ll find that you use your floating patio lake dock as a nice place to sit and enjoy a drink while watching a picture-perfect sunset, and as the perfect gathering place for small parties. Once you have a floating gazebo, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Before you can start shopping for a floating gazebo you have to know what size floating gazebo is best for your boat dock.

How Much Space do you Have

The first thing you need to consider when determining what size floating gazebo is best for your floating patio lake dock is how much space you’re working with. Check the development rules connected to your lakefront property. Are there any rules that state how far out into the water your boat dock can extend? You won’t want a gazebo that extends your dock length longer than allowed. The same is true for the width. Your neighbors won’t be happy if the width of your boat dock intrudes on the space connected to their property.

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How Much Maneuvering Room Do you Need?

The next thing to consider is how much space you need to maneuver your boat. Your floating gazebo can’t be so big that your boat is essentially trapped at the dock all the time.

How do you Intend to Use your Floating Gazebo?

The way you intend to use your new floating gazebo also plays a major role in the size you should get for your boat dock. If you only intend to set one or two chairs in the gazebo so you can hang out with your significant other, you will need a much smaller gazebo than if you will be using it for outdoor parties. If you’re not sure how you’re going to use the floating gazebo, it’s in your best interest to get one as large as the space allows. This gives you more versatility. You’ll never regret getting a large floating gazebo, but you may regret going with a smaller one if you suddenly want to start entertaining.

Contacting us is not only the best way to accurately determine exactly what size floating gazebo is right for your boat dock, but you’ll also learn about all the exciting options you have regarding floating gazebos. We can’t wait to help your floating gazebo dreams come true!

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