Holiday Yachting Etiquette and Attire

Holiday‌ ‌Yachting‌ ‌Etiquette‌ ‌and‌ ‌Attire‌

December 06 2021

What’s more fun than a yacht party?  You’re on a boat; you’re on the water; you’re with friends; you have food and drinks!  It is that time of year when holiday parties will be getting into full swing.  Are you ready?  Are you prepared?  Do you know what to wear on a yacht?  It does require more thought than a holiday party on land.  What yachting attire will be dressy, holiday-ish, and still be safe to wear while aboard a ship that moves with the water?

What Kind of Event Will it be?

Are you going for the day, where a lot of swimming will likely be involved?  Are you going just for an evening dinner?  What to wear on a yacht can be a big question.

What to Wear on a Yacht for a Day Party

Women:  It’s safe to assume everyone will probably be going for a dip in the water, so you’ll probably want to wear your bikini or swimsuit under your clothing.  Try to color coordinate.  You could wear a loose, flowing dress or skirt, or you could also wear loose beach pants and match them with a loose blouse.  

NO high heels on a yacht because they aren’t safe.  One rogue movement of the boat and you could be accidentally knocked overboard or fall and, heaven forbid, break some part of your body.  Instead of heels, wear a pair of flat sandals that have soft soles.

Men:  Available to men is a range of stylish swimwear that can actually pass for dress shorts, which could be worn with a loose shirt and a light jacket.  If not intending to swim, men could wear loose pants or shorts, a light shirt or polo, and a loose vest.  

As far as shoes go, NO flip-flops and, instead, choose a pair of boating shoes that are designed to be comfortable and yet not slip on a potentially wet deck surface.  

What to Wear on a Yacht for an Evening Dinner Party

Women: Flowing skirts or princess dresses, or loose pants with dressy tops.  You can wear long dresses, but not too long, and you must take special care when walking because the length could be a tripping hazard.  Color-coordinate a jacket or wrap.  Regarding shoes, choose sandals with low heels or flats.

Men:  Comfortable pants with a dress or polo shirt and a light jacket.  As far as shoes go, choose boat shoes that are “non-marking.”

What to do About Accessories

Polarized sunglasses should be worn by both ladies and gents to protect eyes from the UV rays from the sun, especially as they reflect back off the water.

Women:  Take along a waterproof handbag to store your make-up, sunglasses, lip moisturizer, and hair clips.  Only use make-up during the day (if you are swimming) that is waterproof.

Men:  If you are wearing a watch, make sure it is waterproof.

Other Factors to Consider

As a general rule of thumb, always take sunscreen and light, long-sleeve shirt to help protect your arms from the sun, when you’re not swimming or not trying to get any more sun on your arms.

Take a hat and drink lots of water so you don’t become dehydrated, as that can easily happen when having a lot of fun and not necessarily paying attention to your hydration level.

If you are still wondering about what to wear on a yacht or what type of yachting attire is expected, talk to some of the other guests that will be attending and get their thoughts.  The most important rule about dressing for an event on a yacht is to make sure that what you are wearing is completely safe.

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