Camp Tamarack

April 12, 2022 Sisters, Oregon
  • About the Client

    Established in 1933 the camp has gone through many ownerships until the most recent purchase by a non-profit in 2010 by the name of Belay TY. This non-profit was formed and named after the death of Tyler “Ty” Anderson, the man behind the inspiration Camp Tamarack. His love for nature and helping kids will live on through the activities taking place at Camp Tamarack.

    Located just outside of Sisters, Oregon on the shores of Dark Lake, Camp Tamarack offers a traditional camp filled with water activities, outdoor adventures, games, arts and crafts, and a whole lot of fun. Named one of the top 5 Summer Camps in Oregon, Camp Tamarack is dedicated to imparting respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion in each of our campers. The staff members at the camp are carefully selected for their talents and are trained extensively to meet a high standard of excellence.

  • About the Project

    Over 3,000 students come to Camp Tamarack in the spring and fall for Outdoor School for two nights and three days and about 1,000 campers get to spend a week of their summer playing, bonding, and trying new activities during summer programming. The camp was in need of new docks to accommodate their many water sport activities. Not to mention provide a level of safety for gaining access on and off the water. 

  • About the Solution

    Their new system includes a Custom Floating Dock and an ADA Aluminum Gangway with PVC Decking. It also features an ADA transfer platform with an overhead assist bar and safe launch platform, which makes it easy and safe for campers to get in and out of the water. These features make the floating dock accessible for all campers, regardless of their abilities. This is important for promoting inclusion and ensuring that all campers can participate in water activities.

    The floating dock acts as a multi-use platform for kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and swimming. This gives campers a variety of water activities to choose from, which can help them develop their physical skills and confidence.

    The summer camp floating dock is made of environmentally friendly materials and non-slip decking material. This ensures that the dock is safe for campers to use and that it does not harm the environment.

  • About the Results

    The addition of the floating dock at Camp Tamarack supports their mission of providing campers with activities in an outdoor setting that promotes personal growth and a better understanding of the environment and the world that surrounds them.

The dock provides a safe and accessible place for campers to enjoy water activities, such as kayaking, boating, and swimming. These activities can help campers develop their physical skills and confidence, as well as their understanding of the natural world.

The dock also provides a space for campers to socialize and build relationships. This is important for personal growth, as it helps campers learn to work together, communicate effectively, and resolve conflict.

The dock is located on Dark Lake, which is a beautiful and serene setting. This can help campers relax and de-stress, which can also promote personal growth.

Overall, the addition of the floating dock at Camp Tamarack is a positive development that supports their mission of providing campers with a safe, fun, and educational outdoor experience.

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