Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve

May 8, 2020 Mahomet, Illinois
  • About the Client

    Located in Mahomet, Illinois, Lake of the Woods is a beautiful preserve that occupies almost 900 acres along the corridor of the Sangamon River. Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve is a popular site in Champaign, County with several well-known attractions such as the Museum of the Grand Prairie, Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden, and Lake of the Woods Golf Course. 

    Lake of the Woods has hiking and biking paths that are 3.3 miles that stretch the entire length of the preserve, winding through grasslands, prairie, and wooded areas as well as crossing the Sangamon River on the Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge. The path receives considerable use from walkers, joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, and others. Visitors can also rent paddle boats, kayaks, and rowboats and enjoy the grass and woodland trails.

  • About the Project

    Champaign County Forest Preserve District was in search of a Floating Dock manufacturer to help design a custom ADA accessible dock for paddle boat and kayak use. The county needed a custom design that would meet their requirements: aesthetic, safety, and effectiveness.

  • About the Solution

    The ADA Accessible Custom Kayak Launch Dock consists of multiple dock sections and two ADA transfer platforms with overhead grab rails and a 3′ x 12′ Safe Launch Platform. There are several side assist railings, and an ADA Aluminum Gangway allowing easy access for people of all abilities.

    The Double ADA Kayak Launch Dock is a great example of a dock that was designed to be accessible to people of all abilities. The multiple dock sections allow for multiple vessels to launch, and the wider slips make it easier for wheelchair users to get in and out of the water. The ADA transfer platforms and overhead grab rails provide a safe and secure way to transfer from a wheelchair to a kayak or paddleboat. The side assist railings, edge guard and ADA Aluminum Gangway also make it easy for people with mobility issues to get around the dock.

  • About the Results

    Champaign County Forest Preserve District’s main mission was to have the first ADA Accessible launch dock for outdoor enthusiasts, a place where visitors can access the water during park visits. Thanks to AccuDock, Champaign County was able to provide the public with a fully accessible kayak/paddle boat launch dock. With the new floating dock addition Lake of the Woods will be a popular gathering point in Mahomet for watersport aficionados.

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