Phipps Park

May 9, 2022 Stuart, Florida
  • About the Client

    Phipps Park sits along the Okeechobee Waterway in Martin County Florida. Located near the Florida Turnpike, this 55-acre conservation and campground area provides a great location for fishing. The Park’s close proximity to the St. Lucie Locks provides fishermen with an opportunity to enjoy fresh and/or saltwater fishing. Phipps Park is open year-round and provides visitors with campsite locations with an appreciated waterfront view.

    As the perfect place for unwinding and reconnecting, Phipps Park has many amenities such as a boat ramp, boat dock, fishing pier, RV sites, waterfront boardwalks, and picnic pavilions. Adventure tents are available for camping and are a fantastic getaway that allows you to reconnect with family and friends, spending quality time together while having fun with a variety of outdoor activities.

  • About the Project

    Martin County was in need of renovations throughout all of Phipps Park. This project proposed the reconstruction of park details such as concrete sidewalks, landscaping, playground equipment, recreational surfacing, and site improvements including the renovation of their existing floating boat dock. The floating dock prior to the renovation was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. The county needed a safe, durable, and reliable replacement. Hence where AccuDock came in.

  • About the Solution

    The new system includes a Floating Boat Dock and Aluminum Gangway. The dock is 100 feet long and equipped with PVC Decking, P-Style Bumpstrip, S-Style Aluminum Cleats, and Interior Piling Hoop Brackets. The Aluminum Gangway is ADA compliant and is 30 feet long.

    The Boat Dock and Gangway are made from high-quality materials that won’t pollute or harm the Okeechobee Waterway. This new system improves accessibility and provides excellent stability for those who utilize the dock. Thanks to the Floating Dock improvement, the park will attract new visitors allowing them to fish right from the dock or tie up their boat for a quick pit stop.

  • About the Results

    Prior to its renovation, Phipps Park had a steep shoreline slope with no access to the Okeechobee Waterway. Thanks to AccuDock, Phipps Park has full access to the waterway with a paved hiking trail and 99 full-service RV sites with sewer, water, and electricity.

    Martin County and its residents will benefit from these improvements in many ways. Recreationally, the shoreline improvements will provide public access to the waterways with a new dock, boat ramp, walking path along the shoreline, and additional camping opportunities. The park’s improvements provide great fresh and/or saltwater fishing and provide boaters docking if needed.

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