Sawgrass Recreational Park

April 7, 2023 Weston, Florida
  • About the Client

    Located in Weston Florida, Sawgrass Recreational Park is family-owned and operated, making it one of South Florida’s top destinations for visitors. Previously a fishing camp, Sawgrass Recreational Park was transformed into an airboat attraction and since then has expanded to exhibit areas with reptiles and mammals. Located 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport, Sawgrass Recreation Park allows you to climb aboard an airboat ride and go on an adventure in the Florida Everglades.

    Sawgrass Recreation Park is open 363 days each year and runs airboats every 20-30 minutes. The airboat rides are guided by a highly trained and experienced captain who helps point out wildlife such as alligators, birds, fish, and turtles. The captain shares stories about The Everglades ecosystem and the history of The Everglades. The park has the largest fleet of airboats in the United States and can accommodate 150 guests per hour on the airboats! Aside from tours, Sawgrass Recreational Park has boats available for rent for fishing. Sawgrass Recreation Park aims to have each visitor leave with a better understanding of this special environment. Welcoming everyone to the Florida Everglades!

  • About the Project

    The property in which Sawgrass Recreational Park is located was originally purchased with existing floating docks and throughout the years became weaker and worn out by foot traffic. Guided airboat tours through the Everglades start every 30 minutes and operate 363 days out of the year, the facility needed to upgrade its existing docks in an effective manner. Replacing the floating docks without disrupting their business was possible by working with AccuDock and installing their floating dock systems in phases.

  • About the Solution

    The floating docks systems range from an 8 ’x 161’ Floating Dock with an ADA Gangway and Landing Pad to Walkways with Floating Dock Fingers and T-Shaped Docks. The floating docks and gangways are made of environmentally friendly materials that are durable without harming the environment. With the ADA compliant features all guests are easily able to enter and exit the airboats.  

  • About the Results

    Sawgrass Recreational Park’s mission is to bring awareness to every visitor and show the importance of the Everglades ecosystem and express the need to preserve the wildlife that depends on it. Each mammal or reptile you see at Sawgrass Recreational Park is indeed a family and many have been adopted, rescued, or donated over the years.

    AccuDock and Sawgrass Recreation Park joined forces to allow many visitors to continue enjoying the wonders the Florida Everglades has to offer. According to a total of one million people visit the Everglades every year. Sawgrass Recreational Park strives to be the top visited airboat park. With the recent renovations to their floating docks, the park is scheduled to attract even more people in the years to come.

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