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Floating Work Platforms
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AccuDock® is the leader in manufacturing, affordable, durable, light weight and stable work floats. AccuDock® work floats are single section platforms that are available in two different sizes – 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 8′. All AccuDock® floating work platforms have a non-skid UV resistant surface and are manufactured using expanded EPS foam encased in HDPE flat sheets providing a safe, comfortable and stable work surface. AccuDock® floating work platforms have a 12 year warranty and 20 year life span and come with two cleats enabling them to be tied down for additional stability and convenience.

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Ease of Portability Single work floats do not require an aluminum frame therefore are extremely lightweight and portable. Weighing as little as 65 lbs. and easily fitting in the back of a pickup truck or on top of an SUV roof rack, the 4' x 8' AccuDock® floating work platform is perfect for a variety of residential and commercial uses such as repairing, cleaning or painting a boat.
Stable Platform The 4' x 8' work float is ideal for the end user who is looking for a stable platform with unprecedented portability - weighing only 65 pounds, and fitting comfortably in the back of a pickup truck or on top of a roof rack of an SUV.
Installed Cleats Each floating work platform comes with two cleats and stainless steel hardware. The installed cleats allow each work float to be tied down; further increasing stability and convenience.
Fenders Available Most AccuDock customers who purchase floating work platforms opt to have fenders attached to further protect the surface of the boat they are working on from being scratched.
Custom Platforms For jobs requiring additional surface area, AccuDock® also manufactures custom floating work platforms that can be built to specifications.