General Maintenance

AccuDock floating docks require very little maintenance, however you always want your dock looking its best. We’ve included some tips on maintaining the appearance of your floating dock.


Cleaning: To keep the dock looking clean and new, the surface should be washed periodically. Your AccuDock can be easily cleaned using a brush, eco-friendly detergent, and water. A power washer may also be used. We suggest keeping the surface clean to lengthen the life of your AccuDock.

Marine Growth Removal: Most bodies of water have micro-organisms which tend to attach themselves to stationary structures (AKA Marine Growth). Typically, this marine growth is more prominent in salt water than fresh water. Accumulation of marine growth adds weight to the floating dock, which over time will cause it to draft slightly more (reducing the freeboard). Routine scraping or pressure washing of the floatation is recommended to avoid accumulation of the marine growth.

Removal: If your AccuDock is removed at any time for storage, it should not be dragged over rough gravel or other sharp objects.

Aluminum (6000 Series-Marine Grade): Aluminum frames, fixtures, gangways, and accessories can be cleaned and maintained with the same eco-friendly detergent as used on the floatation.

Connections: The connections between the framed dock sections should be inspected as needed if they appear loose or out of alignment.

Hardware: Wind and wave action can cause hardware to loosen throughout your AccuDock, therefore a routine visual inspection is recommended. This requires a walk-thru in which hardware is evaluated and tightened as necessary. We suggest this be done once per year, or upon visual notice. Do not forget your accessories. i.e Ladder, Stairs, etc.

Replacing Hardware: If you have damaged or missing hardware, replace it immediately. Replace with Stainless Steel 304 Grade hardware. Missing or damaged hardware if not replaced will put pressure on the dock, if not repaired as a minor repair, this will usually add up to major repair.

PVC Decking: Periodic maintenance is simple; a spray of the hose removes most dirt and grime. If stains are a little more stubborn, simply use an eco-friendly detergent and cleaning brush, to keep your decking looking clean and new.

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