AccuDock and Island Dolphin Care

November 04 2021

AccuDock has been a Proud Sponsor of Island Dolphin Care for over 7 years!

Island Dolphin Care will be hosting a LIVE educational event on
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 from 7 PM – 8 PM EST


About Island Dolphin Care

While respecting and seeking the best life possible for the dolphins in their care and environment, IDC’s goal is to provide unique, animal-assisted motivational and educational programs for children and adults with special needs and abilities and their families and caregivers.

INSPIRING HOPE for those facing life’s inexplicable challenges

EMPOWERING participants to FIND MEANING in those challenges, while defining strengths in character

FINDING THE COURAGE and tenacity necessary to move beyond daily obstacles

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
CALL 954.785.7557 OR EMAIL [email protected] FOR MORE INFORMATION

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