AccuDock bolsters rowing floating dock product line

October 09 2017

AccuDock bolsters rowing floating dock product line

Company designed and manufactured floating docks that have been used at some of the world’s most prestigious rowing events

Pompano Beach, Florida. — (October 1, 2017) – Due to overwhelming successes at major rowing events around the world, AccuDock, a family-owned, Florida-based floating dock manufacturer, has grown its rowing floating dock product line and will continue expansion into professional and collegiate rowing events around the country and internationally.

AccuDock has designed and manufactured floating dock systems for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as well as the World Rowing Championships (WRC) that were held in Sarasota Sept. 24-Oct. 1, the 2015 WRC in Rio de Janeiro and the 2013 WRC in South Korea.

AccuDock’s recently completed a one-of-a-kind rowing floating dock system at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota features the world’s first 10-lane rowing floating dock system. It is also unique in that it offers 60-foot retractable fingers, five 16’ by 80’ launch docks and a 10’ by 184’ awards dock.

AccuDock has also been called upon to consult and design floating docks for Div. I collegiate rowing programs around the country.

To lead its floating rowing dock product line, AccuDock hired veteran rowing coach Mark Wilson. Wilson brings more than 20 years experience in the rowing industry and formerly led the rowing teams at Indiana University and Stetson University, as well as several rowing clubs in the Northeast. Wilson’s goal is to ensure that top-tier rowing programs and clubs around the country are familiar with AccuDock’s capabilities and commitment to quality.

“AccuDock has built an excellent reputation in the rowing industry through its unique designs and quality craftsmanship,” said Wilson. “Although the company designs and manufactures floating docks for some of the most high-profile rowing events in the world, we also offer the same quality and craftsmanship to smaller programs and clubs.”

The company, owned and managed by father and son team John and Jason Harrison, isn’t a secret in the rowing and watersports industry. Founded in 2007, AccuDock’s sales and reputation have grown tremendously around the world over the years. The company’s commitment to excellence in products and customer service is a big reason for their success.

“We have always valued our relationship with the rowing community and are now making a concerted effort to grow our presence in the sport,” said John Harrison, AccuDock’s founder and president. “We offer innovative products and designs specifically targeted for rowing events and the rowing industry.”

In addition to designing rowing floating dock systems, AccuDock handles an array of commercial and residential installations, including offering an ADA compliant design for kayak and canoe launch docks.

The company also handles large-scale government contracts, including building floating scaffolding docks used to refurbish Naval ships in locations around the world. AccuDock’s GSA contract gives the highest discounted rate for government project purchases and provides a full product catalogue for direct purchasing by governmental agencies. Additionally, AccuDock is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, which means it meets the rigorous international standards on which many global companies base purchasing decisions.


AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of floating docks for all market segments ranging from residential installs to large customized commercial applications. Our main goal is providing each customer with the highest quality product and customer experience.

AccuDock is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Floating Docks
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