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Latest News on AccuSolar – Meet Our Sister Company

June 27 2023

In 2020, the AccuDock team realized the need for a new floating application – thus AccuSolar was formed to produce floating platforms for large solar arrays, of course with the mindset of the same quality in manufacturing and design work in a new field – Renewables!

AccuSolar has been busy in 2023!

AccuSolar Corporate Headquarters

After months of doing electrical design and getting new equipment setup, AccuSolar has finally moved into their new 66,000 square foot manufacturing facility located right next door to AccuDock! The new space gives them plenty of room to build floating platforms for utility scale floating solar applications. AccuSolar anticipates to hire around 30 people by the end of the year while ramping up production output for these large projects.

Department of Energy Grant

AccuSolar was awarded a Grant through the Department of Energy and has moved into the second phase. They have been hard at work validating their new “GEN2” axis tracking design – the first of its kind on water! Phase 2 includes multiple operational site locations across Florida, which will offer the ability to get raw data feedback on the performance of the Floating Solar. AccuSolar is excited to see how close their projections were of floating solar being 20% more efficient than rooftop or ground mount options. See all of the benefits of floating solar here.

Joint Industry Project with DNV

AccuSolar was invited to participate in a Joint Industry Project with DNV – a global leader in maritime engineering and design. Along with 30 other companies from around the world, the results of the 18 month project will include the first ever standardization of floating solar. These workshops have been great for AccuSolar as they can provide their floating dock and anchoring experience, but also get some thoughtful feedback that can help their design.

AccuSolar’s work with DNV will also result in DNV providing AccuSolar with a Statement of Qualified Technology meeting numerous criteria set forth on base environmental conditions. Preliminary conversations have also included DNV providing documentation on project specific bankability reports which will be key for financing/funding.

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