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Rumson PVC Decking Accudeck
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Whether you’re interested in using your floating dock to paddle out on the water, entertain, or just simply relax and soak up the sun, AccuDock is committed to designing a floating dock system that fits your lifestyle.


  • Customize to any Design or Application
  • Multiple Decking Enhancement Options, to Match Existing Fixed Dock
  • In and Out of the Water Design
  • Durable, Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Made in the USA


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PWC Floating Dock | PWC Dock | AccuDock Floating Docks
Personal watercraft (PWC) offer an exceptional way to experience our beautiful waterways, scenery, and weather. Zipping around on a jet ski on a sunny summer day… what could be better than that? A PWC floating dock makes using your watercraft as convenient and easy as possible. How do you install one?  

Installing a PWC Dock 

Each AccuDock PWC dock is made to give you the easiest, most practical - and attractive - way to load and launch. Our UV-protected HDPE is filled with high density foam for unbeatable buoyancy and durability. Options like our AccuPort PWC Jet Ski Dock are designed to attach to a floating dock, stand alone, connect to other AccuPorts, or attack to floating structures.   When connecting to:  
  • A stationary structure (e.g. seawall, fixed dock, bulkhead): AccuDock options like the Piling Slide Assembly and Seawall Slide Assembly allow you to attach to a fixed structure without need for any commercial tools or pricey contractors. 
  • Floating docks or other AccuPorts. We have a variety of options, depending on how you want to configure your PWC dock, including:
When installing a stand-alone floating PWC dock:  
  1. Check your site conditions. You want a water depth of less than 40 inches and fluctuation of fewer than 12 inches. The “floor” of the water body needs to allow for penetration of at least 36 inches.
  2. If you’re good to go, grab a buddy or two, an electric saw or hacksaw, electric drill and drill bits, level, tape measure, and hammer. 
  3. Anchor the PWC dock.
  4. Insert the steel pole through the mooring cube sleeve. It needs to be level. Use a hammer to drive the pole 36 inches or further into the bottom of the water. Check that it’s level. Install the remaining poles.
  5. Protect the poles with PVC casings. Position the casing next to the pole, with one end against the bottom of the body of water. Cut the casing to match the pole’s height. Slide the PVC over the pole; it should be one inch lower than the top of the steel.
  6. Drill a pilot home (as specified by your dock manufacturer) through the PVC casing and pole at about one inch below the top of the PVC casing. 
  7. Secure the casing to the pipe.
  8. Cover the top of the pole with the PVC cap.
  9. Repeat for all of the poles.
  10. Relax. You’re done!
This is just a brief guide to installing a PWC floating dock; if you need more help or in-depth instructions, we are here to help - simply contact us!

8x12 Flaoting Dock Kayak and chairs
Leisure DocksOur Leisure docks can accommodate all kinds of activities. Your dock can be customized to any shape or size to ensure you are getting the dock of your dreams.

Rowing DocksFor those who are avid rowers we can customize a dock that works best for you. Our rowing docks are low profile and sit 5.5” (14cm) off the water’s surface.

Kayak and Paddle Sport Docks AccuDock has a full line of floating dock configurations specifically designed for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding that help you to make the most of your water front property. Stability and being as close to the water's surface are essential for a safe launch and recovery of your kayak and/or paddle board.

AccuDeck Featuring Wolf PVC Decking AccuDock® is able to supply a finished floating dock in a wide variety of colors and materials. Our AccuDeck product line is the favorite of many of our customers due to the fact that it's made of a low maintenance, non-slip, PVC composite material available in ten different shades.