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5 Best Dock Lighting Ideas

Everybody should look at several considerations regarding dock lighting ideas before making a final decision.  Low voltage (12V) boat dock lights are usually the preferred choice for smaller camping spaces or smaller park areas.  Depending on other nearby sources of lighting already in place, you may need to buy a transformer and locate it within
Camps and Parks

How to Choose a Floating Swim Platform

For campers or for those just wanting to enjoy a park’s recreational amenities for a day, floating swim platforms for lakes make the water more easily accessible. Lake swim platforms provide versatility for more fun! You can jump in the water to swim or play, or you can fish from floating swim platforms for lakes,
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Camps and Parks Kayak Paddle Sports

How to Launch a Kayak from a Ramp?

Your campers are all ready to go; they are all set for their kayak adventure.  Launching a kayak from a ramp is different than launching from a dock.  What do you need to know about how to launch from a kayak dock ramp to keep everyone safe and get the fun started as soon as
aluminum dock ramps in lake
Camps and Parks

What is the Ramp to a Dock Called?

A very marine term, the ramp between a dock and a boat, or a dock and land, is often referred to as a “gangway.”  The name implies “fun,” don’t you think?  Taking a gangway to arrive at your destination between two points sounds much more nautical than a ramp. More fun than just referring to

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