building a dock

A private floating dock by AccuDock built in compliance with boat dock rules and regulations.
Floating Docks Safety

Understanding Boat Dock Rules and Regulations: A Guide by AccuDock

Building a dock, whether for personal, private, or public marina use, requires a keen understanding of both local and state boat dock rules and regulations. This guide serves as a vital resource for anyone looking to navigate the complex rules surrounding dock construction. Understanding Boat Dock Rules and Regulations Boating safety and environmental protection are
building a custom dock
Floating Docks Residential

Reasons Why You Should Build a Custom Dock

Building a custom dock is like having your own designated parking spot for your car. You can dock your boat at any time, at your convenience, and never have to worry about jockeying for position. Besides the ability to conveniently dock your boat, one of the key reasons behind building a custom dock is so

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